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John Tessler

D  E  S  I  G  N  ,    I   L  L  U  S  T  R  A  T  I  O  N    &    F  I  N  E    A  R  T

Straight out of High School, Tessler was recruited by Young & Rubicam as a junior Art Director and became the youngest person acquired in that capacity by that agency, which at the time was one of the largest Advertising Agencies in the world. At that same time John was attending what he liked to call, “M.I.T.” or Metro-In-Town City College with a scholarship in fine arts. He decided to leave Young & Rubicam to continue his formal education after receiving a scholarship at CSU the following year.


Tessler graduated from Colorado State University in 1979 with a bachelor's degree in Fine Arts. He refined his skills at two more Advertising Agencies in Denver before moving to Sacramento, California in 1982 where he opened Lunia Blue Graphics. John won several national and local awards and was chosen as Sacramento Magazine's "Best and Brightest" in 1985 for his paintings.


Over the years John has produced thousands of drawings, paintings, illustrations and prints. There are Tessler murals as far away as Guam and his paintings have shown in galleries from Hawaii to New York. John's Tower Records Calendars were given away at the grand openings for stores in Moscow and Picadilly Circus in London.  For over 20 years people all over the United States collected the anatomically, scientifically correct stamps Tessler painted of fish and marine mammals for the National Wildlife Federation. John has also prepared commissions for the Cousteau Society, Marine World Africa USA, The Steinhart Aquarium, The Aquarium of the Bay, Underwater World, The Nature company and numerous commercial groups like Tower Records, Paramount, Amtrak, California Highway Patrol and Citycorp.


Today John continues creating art and has won several local and national awards for his efforts in graphics, illustration, large format paintings and murals



Pier 39

Murals, Illustration, Placards,Posters and Displays

It all started with Underwater World in the 1990's when the Aquarium was first built. Tessler did themed attractions, painted murals and designed displays.

This led to similar projects around the world.

Caltrans Amtrak

Logo Design, Train Graphics & More...

John Tessler designed logos, posters, advertisements, train graphics and wraps as well as web banners and billboards for Caltrans Amtrak.

Republic FS

Architectural Renderings & More...

Just like as  he managed incite excitement for the River Cats before they built their Stadium in Downtown Sacramento, Tessler's vision and architectural renderings inspired the financial backing for the building of the

stadium near Cal Expo which would become the home of the Sacramento Republic FC. 


Anything and Everything You Can Imagine

Internationally Renowned Award Winning Graphic Design including Annual Reports, Billboards, Brochures, Business Systems, Bus Wraps, Magazine Ads, Newspaper Ads, POP Displays, Photo Retouching, Posters and Signage. 

Product Design

From Concept to Fruition

John has designed hundreds of products, filed provisionals and then designed packaging to promote optimum sales.


Nationally Acclaimed Illustration

Tessler has been known for his illustrations ever since his days of producing Tower Records Calendars, Mountain Aire Concert Posters and Stamps for the National Wildlife Federation.

Logo Design

Branding Success for a Plethora of Successful Clients

It may start  with custom logo type fonts and will often require an illustrated logo mark. Award winning logos are often one of the more difficult tasks performed by an artist and John has been successfully producing memorable logos which speak to memory and recollection and brand recognition for a long time.


From Complex to Simple

John Tessler has created extremely sophisticated websites requiring a merchant backend, animations and even live feedback and yet some sites are very simple. It all depends on what it will require to promote your products or services.

Grow Krazy Anima.jpg

Some Moving Examples

Tessler shows some examples of his work.

Fine Arts
Fine Art11.jpg


Some Examples


12499 Folsom Blvd. #146,  Rancho Cordova, CA 95742

Email: | Tel: 916-813-0723

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