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Aquarium Mural.jpg

Aquarium of the Bay

Murals, Illustration, Placards,Posters and Displays

It all started with Underwater World located in San Francisco at Pier 39 and

built in the early 1990's.Tessler did themed attractions, painted murals and

designed displays. This all led to similar projects around the world in places

like Guam and Minnesota.

Later, the name was changed to the Aquarium of the Bay and Tessler continued to several themed attractions, murals and displays including

detailed species cards, note cards, posters and in 2016 John Painted the entire exterior of the building.

Old Mural.jpg
New Mural.jpg
Emperor Angel Fish.jpg
French Angel Fish.jpg

After painting the building, Pier 39 invited John to produce concepts and layouts to paint over the faded Wyland mural on The Hard Rock Cafe which are currently being reviewed and considered. Below are some more of those concepts.


Pier 39, San Francisco

Painting Over the Wyland Mural

Originally Tessler was going to paint a couple of whales to replace the Wyland whale but the Pier 39 staff wanted to see something with sea lions and fish. The large shark was a little too aggressive and so John did the less-threatening example below.




Nation's Finest

H16 Apartments

Charlie Mural.jpg

Backyard Mural

7 murals.jpg

Kolas Mural

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